“Reconsider anti” gay bill – President Museveni tasks MPs

President Museveni tasks MPs to Reconsider anti” gay bill

President Museveni urged Members of Parliament on Wednesday to reconsider anti gay legislation that had been passed by parliament last month and widely condemned by the West.

The anti homosexuality bill 2023 promises harsh penalties against anyone who engaged in the same sex activity.

….” I return the bill to parliament for reconsideration,” Museveni wrote in a letter to the House.

The president has faced widespread calls to reject what has been criticized as among the world’s harshest anti gay bill.

President Museveni in the letter read out in the House by deputy speaker Thomas Tayebwa stated
“ what is clear is that our society does not accept homosexuality conduct or actions,” therefore the proposed law should be clear so that what is thought to be criminalized is not the state of one having a deviant proclivity but rather the actions of one acting on that deviancy or promoting the same in whatever way.”

The duty to report acts of homosexuality… presents constitutional challenges and could be a source of conflict in society,” he added.

However under the bill anyone who engages in same sex activity could face life imprisonment and a repeat offenders could face a death sentence.

The European Parliament has voted to condemn the bill and asked EU states to pressure Museveni into not implementing it citing the worst could come out of it.

Similarly the White House also warned the government of Uganda of possible economic consequences if the legislation takes effect.

Many Ugandan’s neighbours are cracking down on gay rights with politicians in Kenya and Tanzania warning against efforts of LGBTQ awareness.