NUP MPs Ssegirinya And Ssewanyana return to parliament

NUP MPs Ssegirinya And Ssewanyana return to parliament

The duo Ssegirinya Muhammad and Ssewanyana Allan who in early February were granted temporary freedom had never surfaced at the House since they were arrested and incarcerated for allegedly masterminding the killing of over 26 people by machete wielding men in greater Masaka in mid 2021.

However on their return the legislators were surprised that they had returned at a time when several changes had been effected at the 11th parliament.

Mr Ssegirinya revealed that he wasn’t certain of where to sit considering that he was attending plenary for the first time.

He was also dismayed that the majority for his projects that had been kick started in the aftermath of the 2021 General election to uplift his constituents that had become inactive.

“ By the time I was released, I found all the projects that I started for my people had collapsed but since i am back i will make sure they are done for my people,” Mr Ssegirinya said.

However same sentiments were also voiced outside by Mr Ssewayana. “We are innocent but we didn’t know that we will be here to serve our people.”

They were so happy before the plenary session would drive into the specifics on yesterday’s order paper
Deputy speaker Thomas Tayebwa welcomed the duo to the house.

“ We are excited to be welcoming back back of our two colleagues. We are happy when we see our colleagues here being able to join us in the deliberations of this house,” Mr Tayebwa said.

Opposition chief whip John Baptist Nambeshe demanded the duo be granted more time to address the house later on today.