Outrage Spreads as Minister Kasolo's controversial Beat the Poor remark sparks anger

Outrage Spreads as Minister Kasolo’s controversial “Beat the Poor” remark sparks anger

Minister Kasolo ‘s recent comment, in which he allegedly advocated for the mistreatment of the poor, has ignited a wave of public anger and backlash. This shocking statement has garnered widespread criticism and sparked a fervent debate on social justice and inequality. The controversial remark, made during a public address, has struck a nerve with…

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Keddi Foundation's generous donation of cattle for Kyabazinga's wedding

Keddi Foundation’s generous donation of cattle for Kyabazinga’s wedding

In a heartwarming gesture, the Keddi Foundation has donated a significant number of cattle to support the upcoming wedding of the esteemed Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV scheduled for November 18. However this act of generosity from the foundation aims to contribute to the joyous occasion and highlight the importance of community support during such…

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