UNEB plans to recruit 60,000 personnel for PLE monitoring

UNEB plans to recruit 60,000 personnel for PLE monitoring

The Ugandan National Examinations Board ( UNEB ) has announced its intention to recruit a significant number of personnel, approximately 60,000 individuals, to aid in the monitoring of the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE).

This move aims to ensure the integrity and transparency of the examination process.

In an effort to prevent cheating and malpractice during the PLE, UNEB will employ these additional staffers to closely monitor examination centers across the country.

Their responsibilities will include overseeing the conduct of the exam, maintaining order, and actively discouraging any form of examination irregularities.

However ┬áthe decision to increase the number of personnel involved in monitoring the PLE aligns with UNEB’s commitment to upholding the credibility and fairness of the examination.

By bolstering their monitoring efforts, the board aims to provide equal opportunities for all candidates and maintain the integrity of the assessment process.

Recruiting such a substantial number of individuals showcases UNEB’s dedication to ensuring a smooth examination process and minimizing any disruptions or incidents that could compromise the integrity of the results.

This move also demonstrates the seriousness with which Uganda is approaching the issue of examination malpractice.

UNEB’s initiative to expand its monitoring team is a clear indication of the importance that the education board places on the quality and legitimacy of academic assessments.

By deploying a large number of personnel, they hope to create a secure and controlled environment that promotes a fair and equitable examination experience for all students.

With the increased presence of monitors at examination centers, the authority and credibility of the PLE will be further reinforced, instilling confidence in both educational institutions and the wider public.

This measure is expected to create a more transparent and accountable examination process, ensuring that results accurately reflect the performance and abilities of the candidates.

UNEB’s decision to recruit 60,000 personnel to aid in monitoring the PLE is aimed at safeguarding the integrity of the examination process.

By doing so, they aim to provide a fair and conducive environment for candidates, deter any potential malpractice, and uphold the credibility of Uganda’s educational system.