Soroti police summons two men involved in altercation over woman

Soroti police summons two men involved in altercation over woman

In a recent incident, Police in Awoja post, Aukot sub county in Soroti district have summoned two men following a heated altercation regarding a mother of 10.

The local authorities are actively investigating the matter to determine the circumstances surrounding the confrontation.

According to Mr James Etidu a police officer at Awoja police post said the duo have been summoned through their LC one chairman today and record their statements.

“ We have summoned them for a round table discussion alongside the host and their case depends on their resolution. If they fail to agree and prefer to move to court we shall forward them,” Mr Etidu said.

Police’s intervention was prompted by the conflict between the two individuals, highlighting the potential risks associated with unresolved personal disputes.

The two broke into a fight after one of them allegedly caught the other having sexual intercourse with the woman he claimed was his wife in a house rented out by another resident.

After the fight the duo sustained injuries and were later admitted to Soroti regional referral hospital.

According to hospital records one man got a fracture on two ribs and another external deep wounds on the left side of his chest.

By summoning the individuals involved, police aims to gather relevant information and ensure a fair and thorough investigation.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of conflict resolution and peaceful dialogue in resolving personal differences.

Police’s involvement signifies their commitment to maintaining law and order in Soroti and promoting a safe environment for all community members.

As the investigation unfolds, it is essential for all parties involved to cooperate fully with the police in collaboration and adherence to the legal process contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the incident and assist in reaching a just resolution.