Karimojong storm vice president Jessica Alupo’s sub county

Karimojong storm vice president Jessica Alupo’s sub county

Following an incident that involved an exchange of fire with the Karimojong raiders who had sneaked into the home sub county of the vice president Jessica Alupo to steal cows.

However according to Katakwi district LC5 chairperson Geoffrey Omolo, this incident occurred in Aleleu village which is about 10km from the home of Alupo.

Meanwhile the worries who had arrived at the time people were still grazing managed to raid close to 100 cows that belonged to different people in Aleleun village.

“ they were many and armed . So when they stormed the grazing area people fled to inform the army that swung in action to trail them,”Omolo said.

In due process however, Omolo said the army managed to recover some cows but after a crossfire that lasted several minutes.

…” we were able to recover over 40 cows and the army was still on ground chasing after them who were heading in the direction of Kotido district,” Omolo added.

Omolo was delighted for the quick response of the army at Angolekit detach who swung into action before the Karimojong went far with the animals though there were no casualties during the exchange of gunfire but the search for the raided cows went into the night.

Meanwhile efforts to get the comment from the army’s third division spokesman Maj. Isaac Oware were futile as his mobile was off .

There was a recent report on how the same incident happened and close to several cows of Apunyo the area LC1 together with the cows of Joseph Okipi with several other residents were taken.