Government official calls for prayers to safeguard Bibanja holders

Government official calls for prayers to safeguard Bibanja holders

In a recent development,  State minister for Lands Mr Sam Mayanja has urged the public to come together in prayer to ensure the protection of bibanja holders.

The minister’s call comes as a response to the growing concerns surrounding the rights and security of individuals who possess bibanja land holdings.

The minister said this during a prayer session for the 14th Nations International Conference at Caring Hearts Community Victory Church, Kagula in Wakiso District on Wednesday

During a public address, emphasized the importance of recognizing and respecting the rights of bibanja holders, who are often vulnerable to land disputes and unfair evictions.

By seeking divine intervention through prayer, the minister hopes to address these challenges and promote a sense of justice and security for bibanja holders across the country.

The issue of bibanja land tenure has long been a contentious one, with instances of conflict arising from conflicting interests and ambiguous land laws.

Bibanja holders, who occupy land but do not possess legal ownership rights, have often found themselves at the mercy of powerful individuals or entities seeking to exploit their vulnerability.

Recognizing the significance of prayer as a unifying force, the minister stressed that it is essential for all stakeholders, including government, religious leaders, and the general public, to join hands in seeking divine intervention.

Through collective prayers, it is hoped that a favorable resolution can be achieved, ensuring the protection of bibanja holders’ rights and fostering a more just and equitable land tenure system.

The minister’s call for prayers serves as a reminder of the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by bibanja holders.

It highlights the recognition of the need for a collaborative approach involving various sectors of society to effectively tackle this issue.