Authorities investigate cause of fire at St Theresa girls primary School Kisubi School

Authorities investigate cause of fire at St Theresa girls primary School Kisubi School

Authorities have launched an investigation to determine the cause of a fire that occurred at St Theresa Girls Primary School in Kisubi.

The fire incident at the School  premises prompted a swift response from the local police and firefighting units, who worked diligently to contain and extinguish the flames.

Meanwhile according the Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson Luke Oweyesigyire the fire which is said to have started to have started from one dormitory was reported at 8am.

He added that the exact cause of this fire still remains unknown at this time though a team of investigators has been dispatched to the scene to uncover circumstances leading to his incident.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries or casualties resulting from the incident. With the immediate safety concerns addressed, attention has now turned towards determining the cause of the fire.

Meanwhile Law enforcement agencies are working closely with relevant experts to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. They will examine various factors, including potential electrical faults, equipment malfunctions, or any other circumstances that may have contributed to the outbreak of the fire.

During this process, the school administration is cooperating fully with the authorities, providing any necessary information and assistance. They are also taking steps to assess the extent of the damage caused by the fire and to initiate the recovery and reconstruction process for affected areas.

In the spirit of supporting Kisubi School during this challenging period, the local community, parents, and relevant organizations have come together to offer their assistance.

This solidarity showcases a collective commitment to ensuring the school’s swift recovery and the continuation of quality education for its students.

Additionally, authorities are using this incident as an opportunity to raise awareness about fire safety measures within educational institutions and the community at large.

They are emphasizing the importance of implementing proper fire prevention protocols, conducting regular safety drills, and ensuring that adequate fire safety equipment is in place.

The fire incident at Kisubi School has prompted authorities to launch a thorough investigation into its cause, with the goal of preventing future occurrences and ensuring the safety of students and staff.

The collaborative efforts between law enforcement, school administration, and the community demonstrate a shared commitment to the well-being and security of educational institutions.